National Trends and Services

The National Trends and Services Facet enjoyed an eventful, interesting and productive program year with active participation in the Umbrella project at the Jean Childs Young middle school in Atlanta, Georgia, and continuing to partner with Nicholas House, a homeless shelter for indigent families in the Atlanta metropolitan area. In addition to the organization of workshops aimed at providing the heads of the family with ideas and suggested skill development in a number of areas deemed important in personal and family interaction, National Trends and Services did a three-part series on financial management in partnership with Operation Hope, a community-based organization operating in Atlanta. The workshops themselves were a chapter-wide effort, which included topics such as interviewing skills, self-esteem, anger management, and financial planning to name a few.

National Trends and Services participated in the Youth Empowerment Program (YEP) at Jean Childs Young Middle School by presenting a dining etiquette activity for students enrolled in the program, took part in the opening dessert competition at the YEP program kickoff, and sponsoring the second annual scavenger hunt held during the Christmas season. The dining etiquette workshop took place during the spring semester. Students learned about proper deportment as a part of dining, correct eating techniques, how to set a correct dinner place setting, and to identify the various kinds and uses of glassware and cutlery. The session was presented by a Camellia Rose chapter member aided by several additional National Trends and Services and chapter members. The session culminated in an actual dinner which provided students the opportunity to use their newly-learned skills in an actual dining event. National Trends contributed all necessary funding to ensure the success of the dining program.

The facet also worked with high school students at both Benjamin E. Mays High School and the Andrew and Walter Young YMCA. The facet conducted a Your Voice, Your Vote symposium and voter registration drive at Mays High School and Clark Atlanta University. It coordinated a career workshop with teens at the YMCA.

In order to promote the Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) initiative, the facet collected food items and gave a monetary donation to Mimi’s Pantry. The pantry was created by the Lowery Institute to ensure food stability, human dignity, and nutritional well-being for full time students attending Clark Atlanta University, Morehouse and Spelman colleges who cannot afford a comprehensive meal plan.

The topic "Social Media and Its Effects", was another topic covered at JCYMS. It was the intent to discuss with the students the effects of cyber bullying, and how social media should not be used to hurt individuals. This activity ended with making sure that the students know how to positively promote oneself on social media as well as exploring other world wide uses of the internet for knowledge, understanding, and growth.