The Arts

The Arts Facet committee of the Camellia Rose Chapter of The Links, Incorporated supports the signature programming activities at Jean Childs Young Middle School. The committee met to create lively and colorful posters that adorn the walls of the school; primarily installed in the Cafeteria and Front Hallways. These posters encouraged the students of the school to be kind to one another and promoted anti-bullying messages.

STEAM Project

During the month of December, students at JCYMS utilized their artistic, scientific, engineering, and mathematical skills to build gingerbread houses in keeping with the Links, Incorporated push to engage students in fun and educational STEAM Projects. Because of the holiday season, what better way to celebrate than participating in this wonderful activity. Building the houses increases understanding of physical science as it relates to changes in matter. It also allowed the students to explore concepts of successfully designing (Engineering), use of measurement and geometry shape identification (Math), and putting a personal flare through decoration (Arts) as they created their very edible master pieces.

Week of Understanding

During the Week of Understanding, we worked with the Arts teacher and other teachers at JCYMS to have the students make posters based on the theme. Once the posters were made, we put them on the display in front of the office for the rest of the student body to see. The Arts Facet then judged the art work and prizes were given out for 1st 2nd and 3rd place. The faculty was also involved with making posters and prizes were given to two teachers.

Poster Art Contest

The Arts Facet participated the national initiative of the Poster Art Contest. Once again, working with the art teacher and other teachers in the school, the students were asked to draw posters based on the theme of Healthy, Energetic, Active Lifestyles Matter – Make Health a Habit. Facet committee members judged the art work done by the students and submitted three posters for competition. The art work went to the southern region and then to national.