Services To Youth

The mission of the Services to Youth facet is to help prepare African-American youth to use their aptitude and accomplishments to become productive and successful citizens in their schools and communities. The facet implements programs that focus on academic, health, cultural, social awareness, and career development.

During the 2016-2017 Program year, the facet facilitated Youth Empowerment Program (YEP) sessions at Jean Childs Young Middle School on leadership, violence prevention, and STEAM. It provided morning announcements addressing the roles and responsibilities of JCY students related to achieving academic success, developing and maintaining positive interpersonal relationships, and becoming student leaders. Additionally, the facet was instrumental in planning and implementing of the annual Week of Understanding at the middle school. The Week of Understanding is a school-wide event consisting of art and quote/theme contests, classroom workshops, grade level assembly programs, Jean Childs Young Day, and a culminating pep rally. The overall theme of this year’s week was “How to Resolve Value Conflicts Effectively?”

The facet also worked with high school students at both Benjamin E. Mays High School and the Andrew and Walter Young YMCA. The facet conducted a Your Voice, Your Vote symposium and voter registration drive at Mays High School. It coordinated a career workshop with teens at the YMCA.

To summarize, the facet continues to implement transformational programming that help African-American youth succeed as healthy productive citizens, not only in their schools and communities, but also globally.